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I first wrote about one of my favourite recent finds a couple of weeks back, WILSEN, whose debut full length Sirens is out now (you can download it via iTunes) and is a sure fire entrant into my albums of the year, a futher treat sees Wilsen share a video showing the recording of one of the tracks from the LP, its closure, "Anahita" (the video is an edit - the track itself lasts for some seven incredible minutes). A track which perfectly sums up the delicate fragility of Wilsen's songcraft and the intoxicating beauty of this, her stunning debut.

Rising and falling almost Daughter-esque from soft, tender intimacy where Tasmin's heartfelt vocals showcase a range of shattered emotions with twinkling guitars providing a gentle backdrop before slowing increasing with a steady percussive beat to a raging crescendo of harmonies and poweful drums. Utterly stunning, perhaps not quite the time of year for the contemplative melancholia as Olympic fever sweeps the UK but easily one of my favourite tracks of the year so far, and that after the write up I gave "Dusk" earlier...

W I L S E N - Recording A N A H I T A from ARA on Vimeo.