Young Romance #2 - Wild (Demo)

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Since I did my "Introducing" piece on Young Romance in the middle of last month I've become increasingly hooked on the young London based duo, my iTunes library, a source of some of my geeky statistical knowledge states I've listened to the incredible "Follow On Your Own" over thirty times already, with "Swollen Hearts, Bitten Tongues" not too far behind that. My feelings towards the band were only increased after a beautiful acoustic performance from Claire and Paolo for one of my Beautiful Strange nights (which also happened to be part of my birthday celebrations) at the end of July, drawing only one criticism from a few of my non-musical friends in attendance, the set was too short.

It's pretty easy to work out why I've become so obsessed with the band if you listen to an acoustic demo for a brand new track, "Wild", seemingly written and recorded just a few days ago (I do love the 21st century!), slow, delicate fingerpickings provide the simple, gentle melody for Claire's beautiful lead vocals to perfectly harmonise with Paolo's hushed backings, "Wild" gives me that warm, tingling sensation, yes, I love Young Romance.

It you're searching for a last minute gig tonight, Young Romance play at Power Lunches with another show lined-up for September 28th, the latter is in my diary.

Photograph by Pierre Antoine