Fear of Men #5 - Mosaic


Staying in Brighton and following on from the last post (I mentioned it's single launch) blog regulars and prolific releases Fear of Men return with their latest single "Mosaic", which is released October 15th on blue 7" via the Too Pure Singles Club and available to order pre-order now from Rough Trade.

Musically "Mosaic" encapsulates Fear of Men as perfectly as possible within two and a half minutes of pure, bright pop music. Having long progressed from the lo-fi, bedroom demos which I first fell for some eighteen months ago the slick coat of production gloss added to the bands signature jangle guitars and purposeful percussion creates a bright wholesome sound though through interlaced samples and wistful lyrics Jess's gorgeously sweet vocals carry an added sense of longing with the repeated line of "Break me into pieces to feel safe like it's normal" sticking with me long after listening.

I've included a wonderful live video of the bands last single "Green Sea" too, wrapped around a chugging bass-line and gorgeous guitar chimes it's as the Youtube commentator so rightly quotes "possibly the best three minutes of my day. Thanks"