F.U.R.S. - New Music "Introducing"


Here's a band I had recommened to me last week and when I finally got around to listening to them late one last night I wondered why it had taken me so long to follow up on the tip (long enough to miss a few gigs the band have played in town this week). London brother and sister duo Elle and Liam Wade have (to date) just the one track online but on it F.U.R.S take a care-free, lovestruck approach to creating a warm, reverb-soaked nostalgic-pop sound that is sure to earn them increasing number of admirers .

The Track "Modern Lovers" is effortlessly charming from the first listen, soaked in bright, good-time memories from twinkling xylophone and jangling guitar with sweet, perfect for summer melody is a sure fire mood raiser with Elle's sweet vocals equally endearing, as an introduction "Modern Lovers" is gorgeously infectious and more than anything lush.

Luckily for fellow late-comers, the band have more shows already lined up in the Capital at the end of the month (they only played their first dates in August), with more, no doubt, to follow - dates.

Photo by Wild Blanket