Hot Feet - New Music "Introducing"

My evening plans (at The Wilmington Arms) led me to finish this post which I'd had in my 'drafts' since May where I discovered Hot Feet at The Great Escape... My introduction to the band was perfect, a beautiful, haunting acoustic show in the lovely, little pub The Fishbowl mere yards from the seafront. It lead me to say this in my TGE review: 'I instantly fall in love and Hot Feet are without doubt the new band discovery of the weekend for me, an act that will most definitely be featured here again in more detail soon enough'. Hmm, is four months soon?..

The video of "Pine Needle Blues" brings back memories of the show, with its stripped back nature, bewitching guitar circles from exceptional finger-plucking give the platform for vocalist Marianne's beautiful voice, delicate and enchanting there is an undoubted feeling of romanticism just listening to her sing, a traditional, tender sound that is equally intimate and warm and results in that old fuzzy feeling of pure, spine-tingling bliss.

The band are currently recording an EP which is due for release 'later this year', so current recordings are a little thin on the ground but an old demo "Oliver" introduces the band sound well, a haunting, progressive folkish melody with luscious instrumentation which gradually builds upon gracious layers and vocals from the heavens. I said it in May, I'll say it again in September, I love.

Hot Feet have me won over and I can't wait to hear more from this wonderful band with their forthcoming release.