Love L.U.V. - New Music "Introducing"

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Love L.U.V. (London duo Lucy Doyle and Tom Atkins) formed as recently as July this year and have just shared their first track / video with us in the form of the garage-pop stomp "How It's Meant To Be" with a further single, on vinyl, promised for November.

"How It's Meant To Be" serves as a promising introduction with an intoxicating beat and repetitive guitar hooks that is bound to lead to pure sweaty fun at a live performance. With a bluesy, nostalgic vibe and progressive melody the track is sung brilliantly by Lucy, her strong but sweet vocals instantly alluring while the bands sound is slick and polished for a band so in their infancy.

After a minute of the track comes a kick where the drums explode and the dominant beat quickens pace before at two minutes there's an another gear change which sees the hypnotic guitar lines become darker, dirtier and the vocals become a whole new level of sexy. Here's awaiting that single in November...