Mini Dresses - New Music "Introducing"

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Another new band found through my mailbox are new Austin four-piece Mini Dresses who had me intrigued with a submission stating this about one of their singles; "recorded and written while watching Picnic at Hanging Rock on repeat". If you listen to "Hot Sun" you could possibly tell too, layers of hazy reverb create a day-dreamy melody where the barely-there wispy vocal harmonies, soft and ethereal, only add to the mystical atmosphere of the track, light and delicate "Hot Sun" is one of those rare beauties that will keep the end of summer going for just a little bit longer.

Its b-side (available to download on a pay what you want basis from bandcamp) "Post Office Girl" is similarly tender and airy through a more traditional shoegaze-pop structure it exudes the same sort of sweet bubblegum charm under cavernous guitars, prominent bass and skittling beats with Lira Mondal's pretty as a flower vocals melting your heart.

Five Summer Demos are also available on do what you like with on bandcamp, recorded in various bedrooms as the title may suggest, other the summer they give you a familiar sense of warm, fuzziness with "Just Go" perhaps my favourite, wrapped in bare but blissful arrangements Mini Dresses are the sort of discovery that keeps the love of new music eternally strong.