Nightmare Air - New Music "Introducing"

When I first logged in to my Facebook after being offline for a few days I noticed a new band that four or five of my friends had 'liked', it was Nightmare Air who they'd all seen perform at 1234 Festival over the weekend. They were clearly impressed with their performance and with your friends being one of the best way to discover new music I obviously checked out the band and soon found myself adding to their number of followers.

Led by Dave Dupuis of Film School the first Nightmare Air track "Escape" does not leave anything to chance, epic in proportion, slick and polished in production, "Escape" is a stylish, straight in your face beast where Dupuis' shredding guitar buzzes around euphoric, propulsive synths and Swaan Miller's deep, fuzzing bass line. Her gorgeous ethereal vocals beautifully in contrast with the head-spinning, melodic momentum of the track, like Metric on acid, "Escape" is all kinds of wonderful.

The band remain in the UK for a few more dates (London tonight which I cannot make) before hitting main-land Europe for a few dates throughout September - all on the bands website.