Olympic Swimmers - Knots

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And so another week begins, the blog slowed down over the weekend - sorry about that - I watched the entire Walking Dead series one and two over the space of four nights (I got a little bit obsessed - though I did wane of Season Two in the middle if I'm being honest), anyway all that TV meant I didn't have much time for music but one discovery I made near the beginning of September who I've belatedly done my little write up on (around watching football, so sorry for the poor grammar!) are Olympic Swimmers, a Glasgow five-piece who release "Knots", the new single from their debut full length No Flags Will Fly on October 8th via their own Green White Violet label (the album came out in June and is available to stream/buy via bandcamp).

Concentrating on the single "Knots", an infectious and exhilarating blend of fuzzed-up power pop, drenched in shoegazey reverb and expansive melodies the track buzzes with rhythmic energy and bass line bounce with the powerful, confident vocal choruses hitting home equally hard, a perfect choice for a single, "Knots" certainly leaves you wanting more.

I'm veering away from full album reviews, introducing new music is what I think this blog does better than being a critical source of review, there are people way, way better than me out there who do that already but from my initial couple of listens I can't help but compare Susie Smillie vocals to Liz Morris'. Musically though, I guess Olympic Swimmers come quite closer to Fortuna Pop label-mates Evans The Death (there's a certain similarity with Katherine's vocal mannerisms too), with a strong emphasis on song-writing and the scuzzed up melodic energy that drives much of the album, never displayed finer than on the pure pop of "Apples and Pears". There are though equally rewarding moments which are heartfelt and vulnerable, the wonderful "Game of the Century" builds from delicate ethereal grace to triumphant defiance with the melancholic beauty "Rung Down The Curtain" just as memorable.

I've ordered a copy of the physical album from big cartel and I'm looking forward to getting that onto my iPod for full listening pleasure - I only tend to stream at home in small doses but my iPod soundtracks my work and walks to and from - but I think it's safe to say No Flags Will Fly has jumped straight onto my shortlist for albums of 2012.