Rachel Zeffira - Break The Spell


Whilst new as a solo act Rachel Zeffira won't need too much of an introduction to many after her previous work with Cat’s Eyes. Anyway, last week she released the first single to be taken from her forthcoming album The Deserters (due December 10th via RAF records, set up by Rachel and the other half of Cat's Eyes, Faris Badwan) as a free download (via soundcloud, link below) with the song, the aptly titled "Break The Spell" being a magical introduction to a dramatic orchestral sound that promises much.

Around striking string arrangements the song flourishes with Rachel's pure vocals at the fore, to put it succinctly "Break The Spell" is a real thing of beauty. The Deserters  promises help from friends Toy and S.C.U.M's drummer Melissa Rigby amongst others but after this grandiose, ethereal introduction it appears those expecting gothic, pysche rock could be disappointed, myself, I'll gladly take the ride.

Tickets for Rachel's debut live show at St Andrew's Church in Holborn on October 18th are available here.