Ren Harvieu #4 - Do Right By Me

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The stunning voice of Ren Harvieu hasn't been blogged here since we had a mini falling out in May when Ren was scheduled to play at Brighton's The Great Escape, I even turned up at the venue but Ren did not, I don't know the reason but it was apparent before her slot time that Ren's performance had been removed from the schedule. It happened to be the same week she had played Jools Holland and I can imagine going from that to a grotty first floor pub in Brighton within a few days of each other didn't quite fit with her management teams 'vision'.

Anyway enough wild accusations, I jest about our 'falling out', the simple reason for the drought was I completely missed the third single to be taken from Ren's debut full-length Through The Night "Tonight", which came out back in July. I'm not quite as slow on the uptake on her next though, the equally sublime "Do Right By Me"...

With Ren's distinctive, haunting voice at the helm it's nostalgic wrapped grandiose pop of the finest order, sure there is major label backing and a team of people guiding Ren's career but I don't give two hoots about that when the her personality blossoms through regardless. I personally believe her one of the best voices to emerge in recent times. Elegant, powerfully chilling and gorgeous. Watch the video to "Do Right By Me" below.

If that wasn't enough, check out a couple of goose-bump inducing live video's here and here and see the real thing when Ren tour's the UK in October - dates.