September Girls #3 - Green Eyed

Welcome news from my favourite fuzz pop girls September Girls who today released the stream to "Green Eyed", the title track from their forthcoming vinyl release via the wonderful Soft Power Records, coming some time in October on limited 7" the track takes pretty much everything I've come to love about the Dublin five-piece and wraps it up within three minutes of pounding drums, colliding keys, chiming guitars and dirty bass.

Their majestic lo-fi garage pop rhythms and heavenly harmonies are always highly melodic, often ferocious and on "Green Eyed" there's a hypnotic, swirling, scuffling melody which has imprinted itself in my brain after the half dozen listens I've give the track so far. Slightly dark, sinister and creepy, as I suppose a track about jealousy should be, "Green Eyed" takes the fuzzy 60's soundscapes the Girls first hit us with (on the wonderful "Hells Bells") and mixes in spacey korg / rumbling guitars goodness whilst still managing to be as catchy as anything.

I've included a couple of new videos too, taken around the time when I last saw September Girls play during their last UK tour at the start of July... One from Indie Tracks festival "Kevin" is sugar sweet sunshine pop perfection and the latter, another new track "Talking" (recorded on their return to Dublin after a night time ferry home) is a brisk psychedelic wonder that will leave you breathless and (pun time) wanting more.

September Girls are back in the UK in October playing a few shows (but not the Capital this time around), to make up for that I'm heading to Manchester to catch them play with PINS on October 13th at The Soup Kitchen (tickets). It's going to be amazing.