The Disraeli Gears - New Music "Introducing"

I've neglected my inbox recently, I've been away a fair bit, am running around 40 miles a week during marathon training and have written enough posts to keep me busy (I'll bore you by reminding you this is a hobby blog) from following up on recommendations, bands I already like, social networking and the half dozen or so new blogs that I read.

I did however last night try to catch-up with my mail box and discovered a few wonderful new bands whilst I was at it, as I always tend to. The inbox though is an irksome thing. Potentially hundreds of mails with hours of listening to find the odd jewel, sometimes the reward doesn't quite seem to add up to the investment, especially when time is sparse, though for reasons about to be shared last nights delving was one that ignites that fickle motivation....

The first new discovery, London/Leeds four-piece The Disraeli Gears have just released the video / stream of their debut single "Skeleton" after forming towards the end of last year, a brief search on their facebook indicates a handful of live shows with minimal print to date, "Skeleton" should change that. The six minute track is guided along beautifully by textured guitars and sparing beats which carry the listener with soft, atmospheric bliss as the velvet smooth, melt your heart vocals of Teia Fregona captivates your attention until the focus is completely reversed at the four minute mark and the track explodes with an crashing instrumental ending of swirling guitars and swelling drums.

A purposeful and exciting debut for sure, you can download "Skeleton" free below, an EP is expected to follow shortly.