The Hundredth Anniversary #2 - Slip

On my 'introducing' post just over a fortnight ago I said I was looking forward to hearing the next The Hundredth Anniversary release. Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long with one side of their forthcoming (digital only) double a-side single release being made available to stream below (with the full download following on October 1st via Tiny Lights).

After a good dozen listens of "Slip" I can safetly say my excitement surrounding the band hasn't dropped at all, "Slip" is soft and gorgeous with sparse, slow-motion drums and fuzzy guitar textures wrapping themselves over a blanket of warm, sepia-tinged vocals, when at the two minute mark there's a flurry of frenetic percussive energy you'd be mistaken for thinking the track was about to awake from its slumber as soon enough the plaintive tones takes over again on this gorgeous melancholic waltz.

The Hundredth Anniversary play with the rather ace Fear of Men in Brighton on October 20th.