Throwing Up #3 - Snake

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Throwing Up are back with their new single "Snake" (which I can't find a link to buy as a single itself but I did come across an album pledge I'll mention shortly). If you've heard the London based trio's earlier work and then read the title track you'd naturally assume that the track followed suit, a heavy, snarly punk pop track with a bucket load of distorted guitar, juggernaut riffs and an explosion of rough-and-ready drums. "Snake" though, isn't quite like that.

Closer to Brit-pop than grunge, it's still upbeat, raw and full of guitars but "Snake" actually comes across as sweet, Camille's vocals remain clear and smooth and despite calling someone a 'fake' and 'snake never bitter', the track is more catchy than angry and that's a good thing. A very good thing. "Snake" might well be Throwing Up's best one yet.

I came across this Pledge Music page on searching for the single, where you can pre-order a copy of bands album Only You, written and ready to go, you're pledge will help the band put of the record and in return you can get a 'zine, a t-shirt or a guitar, what ever your budget can afford. It doesn't seem to have been advertised too much at the minute so tell your friends too!