TOPS #2 - Easy Friends

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Montreal four piece TOPS were one of the first new bands of 2012 that gave me the 'wow factor' on initial impression back at the start of February, their wonderful Tender Opposites LP is now due for a vinyl release this autumn after a successful tape run via Arbutus Records, with European handling done by Atelier Ciseaux whom beforehand are releasing a 7" single containing album track "Diamond Look" alongside an exclusive b-side "Easy Friends".

On the smooth lead track "Diamond Look" flickering midnight synths, 80's guitar riffs and gentle percussive flickers combine with the unusual, luscious vocals of Jane Penny's to a cool (and somewhat alluring) listen while "Easy Friends" is softer and dreamy with Penny's wistful, sweetly voiced harmonies floating around star-bright synth led melodies, pure and clear, TOPS are the sort of band that will have you swooning love a lovestruck puppy all over them

The 7" is released next Monday September 10th and can be ordered here. No news of Euro dates yet...