Anna Lena & The Orchids #3 - View of My Sanity

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I've been posting quite a few acts I've got an affinity for recently, I like that, I find it a lot easier to write about things that I know (though it does often end up with my waffling so apologies in advance!).

Anna Lena & The Orchids first came up on this little blog as long as last April and have played for three of my Beautiful Strange nights (as good enough indication as any I'd say) since she settled in London from Liverpool early this year and now after teasing us for almost all of the summer we've finally got to hear the first track from her forthcoming EP (coming early next year), it's a stunner too...

"View of my Sanity" is utterly gorgeous from the outset, from hushed beginnings the track blossoms amongst rich instrumentation and beautifully plaintive vocals, Douglas Dare's backing harmonies in perfect contrast to Anna's ethereal lead, clearly from the soul, it's an irresistible journey of emotion that you'll want to press repeat on pretty much straight away.

Anna is playing shows in Norway next week (along with Like Spinning) with more dates to follow I am sure.