Bird #3 - Shadows


Here's a post I should have done ages ago but it took seeing Bird live twice in the space of ten days (supporting Tamaryn and Pins) to kick my arse into the gear and write a blog, Bird have changed their line-up since I introduced them here as long ago as July 2011, now a three piece (still) led by the celestial voice of songwriter/bassist Adele Emmas their atmospheric doom-folk has taken on a whole new level of ethereality thanks to the stunning guitar-scapes and complimenting harmonies of Sian Williams, with Alexis Samata providing the haunting beats.

Their recent EP Shadows portrays this dynamic with heavenly results, the title track flows with a dark, moody magic that highlights the bands sound perfectly, part spiritual beauty, part otherworldly and dramatic, with rolling beats and pure vocals "Shadows" intoxicates and sends you into a world of dimly lit cathedrals and Gothic wonder. "Monsters" is equally praiseworthy, intricate guitar plucks weave around repeating kick drums to create the chilly mood in which Adele's vocals soar and entrance, ghostly harmonies and textured arrangement that beguile in their beauty. Shadows is available via Jack to Phono on CD (at shows) or iTunes.

The live show deserves even more praise, swirling guitars and deep drums beats abound it was completed with a stunning version of Bauhaus' "Bella Lugosi Is Dead" which, while retaining its dark, sinister atmosphere metamorphosises into a dark fairytale with the siren-like harmonies of the Liverpool trio, so spine-tingling gorgeous are their voices, they could probably make a song about the apocalypse sound like a dreamy lullaby. By the magic of the 21st century you can see the version from one of the shows via youtube below, get ready for your knees to go a little wobbly.