Dark Bells - New Music "Introducing"


Dark Bells are a band I had planned to post about four or five months ago but just as I had a post almost ready their demos / tracks disappeared from their bandcamp.  I wasn't 100% sure what to make of it, I think it was a simple case of the band taking down some old material in preparation for new releases follow, which it now has, hence my overdue posting...

Dark Bells aren't really a new band either, primarily made up of vocalist/guitarist Teneil Throssell and bassist Ash Moss who moved to London from Sydney last year, the trio are completed by Luke Richardson on drums.

Yet to officially release anything (I think), "Want" (taken from a 'forthcoming' unannounced EP) changes that for the better and is sure to propel the band to the attention of many non-London folk who haven't already been transfixed by the ferocious roar of their live show. For one thing is for certain (and I've seen them twice now), if you see Dark Bells live, you're going to count yourself amongst their fans.

A band with a perfect balance of power and beauty, huge bass-lines and aggressive beats merge with intense vocals and chiming guitars and distortion, at almost six minutes in length "Want" transfers itself well to record from the live version I can recall from their recent Lexington show. With an ear bleeding howl of swirling guitar, throbbing bass and doom laden drums the infectious "Want" instantly penetrates your mind with frenetic vocals and huge, electric sounds, then it slows down with tropical rhythm patterns in a middle, instrumental sections which lulls you into a false sense of security before a deafening finale. Simply incredible.

I've also included a live Youtube version of one of the tracks which was removed from the bands site (presumably for a future release - hopefully anyway), the incredible "Wildflower", an equally incredible whirlwind of epic-sized, wall of sound. Do yourself a favour and listen below.