Deaf Club #4 - Break It Slow

Great music and free, pretty much the expectation for many in 2012 (for right and wrong reasons). Well cheapskates, you won't be disappointed by the latest, cost you nothing, release by the wonderful Deaf Club (click on the 'buy' button to be taken to a dropbox link from which you can download the track).

"Break it Slow" continues the bands exemplary knack of combining darkly mystical atmospheres with spacious, swirling melodies. Cavernous drums and intricate guitar chimes weave around Polly's brooding vocals, restrained and beautiful, with "Break it Slow" Deaf Club have produced their most gorgeous track yet.

The band head out on a full UK tour over the next month - full dates - the most exciting for me comes slightly prior to that, with a date at London's Sebright Arms with the ever exceptional Hella Better Dancer on October 19th - details.