Esben and the Witch #6 - Deathwaltz

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It's Halloween so what better than a themed post by a band called Esben and the Witch, who this week have announced their welcome return with the first track from their forthcoming second LP entitled Wash The Sins Not Only The Face (due for released January 21st 2013 via Matador). With their debut Violet Cries being one of my favourite albums of 2011 I'm obviously excited to hear this one in full and "Deathwaltz" has certainly done its job and peaked up my curiosity...

Esben and the Witch have always dealt in dramatic atmospherics and "Deathwaltz" is no exception, though not quite the grim death-march the name indicates, shimmering guitarscapes offer a kaleidoscopic tapestry not heard from the band before, but it wouldn't be the same Esben if the track didn't creep along with a mysterious intensity, with sonically unsettling swirls and Rachel Davies ethereal vocals at the fore "Deathwaltz" retains the haunting, creatures of the night air for which I, and so many others, have come accustomed to from the Brighton trio - they'll be more to come next year for sure.

The band have announced a UK/Euro tour for early next year (dates) and you can pre-order the LP direct from the band here (it comes with a limited 7" containing two exclusive tracks thrown in too) then make sure you grab the free Mp3 of the track here too.