Fever Dream #2 - EP


I've mentioned the awesomeness of Fever Dream here previously and when they played at Fountains 7" single launch back at the start of July I realised just why, 1/3 of band comes from the best town in the UK - Stafford. Home of Stafford Rangers and err me (though I did choose to leave as soon as I could after University!), awesome is the word I'd use to describe their debut EP too (though perhaps long enough to be described as a mini-album), released last month via Underused Records with six tracks of addictive riffs and fuzzy charm it sits firmly amongst 2012's finest.

The lackadaisical haze of the opening track "Glue" sets the tone, where raw and rambling rhythms hypnotise, spiralling in tempo around Adrian's vocals before exploding in a whirlwind of beats and guitar abuse.

Earlier single "This Waste" remains wonderful with its feedback-drenched, shimmering guitars and slightly ominous sense while newer tracks equally impress, from the pure noise thrill of the energetic "Suspense" to the beautiful closure "Alchemy", a melancholy pop song. The highlight though is "Poyekhali!", with bumpy bass line and explosive, murky guitar, I'll come back to that awesome word again, this is awesome.

Buy the EP for £5.00 here and see the band play with September Girls' this Friday in London.