Haim #2 - Don't Save Me

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There's been a whole load of radio linked streams of this single doing the rounds so I'm sure it's hardly 'new' news to many of you but the wonderful Haim are back with new track "Don't Save Me" which confirms everything the Forever EP had already. Here are three sister's who've perfected an seemingly effortless knack at writing solid pop tunes with such smoove grooves and way with melody that they can win over even the grouchiest of people (that'll be this ol' Scrooge me).

Sure to be on everyone's 'tips for 2013' lists Haim are back in London next month at KCLSU on November 14th (sold out but Brighton isn't yet - tickets) in what will arguably be the last time they place an 'intimate' venue before the sure-fire mainstream cross-over takes them to wherever they decide, with such an exceptional live show, killer hooks and gorgeous harmonies it could be anywhere. I'll be watching.