Io Echo #2 - Ministry of Love


IO Echo are I band I've been looking forward to hearing more of since the uplifting pomp flurry of "When The Lillies Die" first entered my horizon and it's no surprise to see it form the backbone of the LA duo's first, self-titled EP, which also features the equally magnificent "Shanghai Girls", another track I briefly mentioned in my 'Introducing' post in July.

The EP is due for release through Luv Luv Luv (who also put out the last release by the wonderful Tashaki Miyaki) in November (available now in the US via iTunes) who, to get the adrenaline pumping all that more have released another track from it, "Ministry of Love", which fizzes with 80's synth soundscapes amongst thumping industrial rhythms and Cure-esque bass lines, with Ioanna Gika's gorgeous, sultry-smooth vocals equally as beautiful as the slightly dark, ethereal melody.

IO Echo play four dates in the UK next week, for FREE tickets sign up to the guest-list here (London/Manchester/Nottingham/Brighton).