SeaWitches #2 - Space Gun


After I came back from The Lexington about a month ago I wrote on my twitter feed something along the lines of 'I've found a band to follow..' and attached the picture used at the header of this blog post. By follow I don't mean to just like, I mean a band to be obsessive about, then tell all your friends (and in my case blog about too) then follow their every development. The band in question are SeaWitches, a band I'd already covered in my usual over-the-top superlatives back in June (then basis on two fantastic demo tracks).

The live show (their first in London) was a perfect vindication and left me and my friends suitably impressed, alongside a stellar line-up of The Hall of Mirrors, Dark Bells (who I posted about yesterday) and We Walk on Ice it was the Liverpool trio who probably impressed us the most. Their dark psychedelia was brimming with this slightly tense, troubling atmosphere, distorted guitar twangs and unsettling vocals, a half hour set flew by and let me wanting more, hopefully just that will follow soon (by that I mean a trip back to the Capital).

To keep me chomping at the bit, SeaWitches have uploaded a new demo to engross myself in and that's just what you should do too, the track "Space Gun" is eight and a half minutes long and almost made up of two parts (please listen to it as a whole) and I'm not just say this, it will literally blow your mind, easily one of the best demos I've heard in forever. It is that good.

Starting with deep, hypnotic bass, hollow drums and swirling guitars the addictive, rocking groove gradually quickens in pace as the song progresses and it takes until a small bridge and bass lead for Jo's vocals to actually start at around the mid point of the song. The captivating, theatrical nature of her vocals is bound to lead to Siouxsie comparisons being made (for it seems everything has to be compared to something else for some reason), I'd rather call it SeaWitches, for this dramatic, slightly disturbing take on pysche-pop is a sound very much their own.

I hope a few more of you will be joining me for the journey.