September Girls #4 - Danny Wood

I'm guessing the general mood today is very 50/50, a bunch of people in the office will be as high as a kite after watching Europe win the Ryder Cup last night and the other half won't give a shit (vice-versa if you're reading this in the States) and are miserable because it's grey, wet and October. I fit in the later, it's currently 1am and I can't sleep so I'm doing what I normally do on such occasions, listening to music. To mark the exit of September I picked September Girls (yeah, I know) and as since I last mentioned their excellent new single "Green Eyed", it has been dated for release (22nd October - Pre-order via Soft Power now) and its B-Side "Danny Wood" made available to stream, I think it's a perfect chance for a revisit.

"Danny Wood" is going to get stuck in your head, I make no apologies for that, I hope that when you find yourself singing the choruses repeated refrain you are at least smiling, you should be, propelled by swirling keys, skittish drums and jagged, reverb-filled guitar the Girls' melodious fuzz-pop is here to make a shitty day better.

September Girls have announced a new London show for Friday 12th October at a new venue to me, Tipsy in Dalston with support by the great Fever Dream. I can't make that as I'm in Manchester where I might just happen to be see the girls with PINS the very next day - full dates.