September Girls #5 - Man Chats


Dublin's September Girls are amongst an exclusive bunch of acts for me, I live in (near) London and I'm spoilt in so much that I really don't have to travel around the country to see artists that I want to see, instead I reserve that for gigs I feel I can't miss, one instance was earlier this month when the girls were playing a Saturday night show with Pins in Manchester. I decided to take the plunge and book advance trains, a decision I don't regret (although my head didn't like me much the following morning), after being treated to electric sets by two of the finest new acts around.

Following swiftly from the wonderful Green Eyed 7" via one of my favourite independent labels Soft Power Vinyl September Girls have announced another slab of wax for release via US label Matinée Recordings in November. A three track 7" coming out on milky clear vinyl, it features two tracks I'm already familiar with and I've talked about on here before, the infectious, rough around the edges, garage pop of "Wanting More" and "Hells Bells", so I'll concentrate on the third, a new track, "Man Chats", a short, sharp burst of driving paranoia, full of psychedelic distortion and echoey harmonies it offers the perfect compliment to the catchy power pop of the other tracks, darker and mysterious it sees swirling key, chiming guitar and energetic drums gallop around your brain. Ace.

The girls promised me they'll be back in the UK early next year, I can't wait. I stole the attached picture from their facebook, fingers crossed for an 'I Want to Break Free' inspired video to follow!