Sheen #2 - Hey

I was glad to see something new from Sheen pop into my Facebook timeline yesterday, though not a new song or release announcement, a video for their track "Hey" pleasingly bridges the gap before the London based sextet return to the live arena at The Bull & Gate on October 23rd (details) with new recordings promised for the non-to-distant future too.

"Hey" highlights the creative power that is Sheen, with its seductive and languid melody the track blossoms from a beautiful lullaby, happy in restraint with intricate and fascinating edges, Aneta's ethereal vocal coos and guitar echoes create a spacious, hypnotic mood for cool beats and shimmering soundscapes, icy yet wholly dreamy, "Hey" is gracious, pure and simply gorgeous.

Watch the video by Bruna Volpi below. Those new tracks can't come soon enough...