Slow Skies - New Music "Introducing"

Slow Skies is the musical project of Karen Sheridan from Dublin (with the help of Conal Herron), her debut EP Silhouettes came out in Ireland back in June and is utterly gorgeous, her restrained dream-folk possess the perfect combination of delicate craft and haunting beauty that after a handful of on repeat listens during this overcast Sunday afternoon (I know it's now Thursday!) has made me lose all my senses and drifted me off to some-place much calmer and peaceful.

There are four tracks on the EP but they melt into one perfect listen, gentle guitar led melodies are complimented by the odd bit of warm strings which provide the backdrop for Karen's soft, intimate voice. It is her voice that stays with you with the longest, as soft and tender as anything you'll hear. "Across the Sea" flutters with an xx like ambience, subtle guitar chimes provide the rhythms around glacier-like nuances, it's somewhere between dreamland and fairytale beauty.

Though everything about the EP is pretty and relaxed "Oscar" is perhaps its defining moment, closing the EP with a truly beautiful track, sweetly hushed whispers and meandering acoustic dripped in string flourishes, it's going to take you to the same place it took me...

I can already Imagine Slow Skies playing to a hushed Union Chapel crowd, you'd hear a pin drop. Let's hope it happen soon. Immerse yourself in Silhouettes below and buy via bandcamp