Sophie Jamieson - New Music "Introducing"


I've a lot of posts that I've been meaning to post for ages but not many of them have been waiting quite as long as this one for a write up, I've known about Sophie Jamieson for a while, I'm not quite sure where I first heard about her, I think it was through one of my gig attending friends who passes on some recommendations to me, if it was, and I know he really loves Sophie's music, he was right, Sophie has this beautiful soft voice and melt-your heart way with words...

I had Sophie down to play at one of my Beautiful Strange nights earlier this year but circumstances changed and that show never materialised, fingers crossed that once I get another folk night sorted we'll be able to make good on the promise of making the show happen... The catalyst to finally get this post written in full was yesterdays release of a compilation album from the good people at Folkroom Records (on a pay-what-you-like basis), to which Sophie has given them her incredible track "Dinah". Amongst the album there are plenty of other artists who deserve a write up including Worry Dolls and Ellie Rumbold who've both previously wowed me at BS nights, I'll leave this post to be about Sophie though.

"Dinah" is unbelievable, the subtle guitar plucks are intricate and provide a spellbinding simplicity to her hushed and fragile vocals, haunting and impeccably played it's simply a beguiling and timeless track that leave you with a warm, evocative feeling.

"Catch You Cry" is featured on Sophie's soundcloud (you can download it free too) and offers a similar level of purity and sincerity in its lyrics around a circling acoustic waltz, just gorgeous. There's a whole host of further tracks up on Sophie's youtube account, wrap yourself up warm (it's got chilly quickly!) and immerse yourself in the talent of this wonderful singer/songwriter. Sophie regularly plays around London and her current dates can be found here.