Sweater Girls - Were Here


I try and find my own (often somewhat rambling) words to say when I post blogs about bands but sometimes I find an acts bio so fitting that I can't help but quote it, Los Angeles fuzz-poppers Sweater Girls is one such occassion, this introduction is lifted direct from their facebook and is in one short, concise paragraph exactly what I think about the songs I've heard so far from the band.

"We are an indie pop band, influenced by jangly guitars, friendships, loneliness, and laughter. Sweater Girls aim to melt hearts with songs that remind us of our best friends, happiest and saddest moments and our favorite songs".

I can't actually believe I've not discovered the quintet earlier with a 7" dating back a couple of years but with their debut full length Sweater Girls Were Here... released via  the wonderfully named Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records in the States last month there is plenty of time to rectify that. (US orders advised directly from the label with UK customers not getting crippled for postage by the good folk at Norman Records).

"Infatuation Street" is exactly that, with its good-times, nostalgia inducing vibe, fast paced beats and jangle guitars provide a simple yet delightfully pleasant melody for the gorgeously sweet vocals, similarly "Fred" is just as immediate and warm, you would have to try very, very hard not to feel good with these tracks playing out as the sun beats down on you.

"Fingers Crossed" is the third and final teaser for the album online and slows things up a little, though the themes of young love remain at the helm and the track remains the perfect combination of beautiful vocals and joyously breezy tune. If you love indie-pop like me and have never heard of Sweater Girls, Happy Christmas. The albums already in my shopping bag.