Thrillionaire - New Music "Introducing"


New music is new music whenever you discover it right? Least that's what I think, I'm not one of these blogs that if they aren't the first to post something won't bother with it, 'fad' blogs or 'buzz' blogs aren't really my thing, I like to add my own personal touch to posts and invest some time and thought into a post, it seems only fair to me. I mention that because although LA Based Thrillionaire are a relatively new band they've recently been championed by The Cribs Ryan Jarman and featured in the NME no less, with "Wie Gehts?" it's not hard to see why he's fallen for their late 70's Krautrock influenced psychedelia, I've instantly done the same....

"Wie Gehts?" hypnotises with an alluring combination of seductive vocals and swirling soundscapes, Jarman was pretty much spot on with his 'late-night' description, you can imagine the track sound-tracking an early hours movie on television, swooning with shimmering guitar and synthesised strings, the trance-inducing vocals immerse you fully and leave you breathless wanting more. The single is due for release 'soon' with the band currently working on a debut full length. One more to keep an eye on.