Binoculers - New Music "Introducing"

Binoculers is Nadja Rüdebusch from Hamburg who today releases her second album There Is Not Enough Space In The Dark, I've not had chance to fully digest the fifteen track album yet, so I'm going to concentrate on the two tracks which have been made available to sample for free via her label Insular Music, with an LP/CD to follow the stream available on her bandcamp page.

Both weave potent spells with simple compositions, mainly delicate acoustic guitar and subtle atmospherics with Nadja's soft, sweetly hushed vocals and her lyrics, introvert and full of imagery, "Monsters" is a dark lullaby with equally tender male co-vocals, gentle drums and twinkling keys while "The Place You Come From" similarly enchants with deliberate, pored-over word craft, both haunting and infinitely pretty, let Binoculers bring some warmth to your day below.