Carousels #3 - Pop EP

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I'll be re-visiting my 'tips for 2012' in a couple of weeks, I already know I'm going to be using the phrases 'a year too soon' and 'maybe next year' a lot, one act I tipped to produce the goods this year was Carousels (my tips aren't bands I expect to win the Mercury Prize, just release some of the best music of the year in my opinion). In reality a band who'd only just formed as a five piece needed some time to find their feet, so aside from a handful of gigs and the appearance of "Stay With Me" in June (now removed from the bands soundcloud page), it has been quiet from the band until the past few weeks when a tour with Peace propelled them to the attention of many, now the Cambridge/London quintet have streamed their debut EP, perfectly titled POP for us to hear in its entirety, over the course of a brisk nine minute duration it's brimmed full of the sort of noisy, shoegaze wonder that hooked me to the band some eighteen months ago.

"Over Me" bursts out of the gates with a whirl of screeching guitar dissonance weaving with fast-paced drums and Nick and Lucy's dual vocals, seemingly pulverising their instruments it's loud, savage and exhilarating, "Sweet Honey" is even better, the perfect juxtaposition of fuzzy carnage and dreamy, drifting vocals wrapped up within three minutes of pop bliss while closing track "All I Could Do" slows things down with a hazy, dream-inducing wash of utterly irresistible melodies and whispers. Such pretty, pretty noise, Carousels will be off on their own headlining tour in 2013, of that there is no doubt.

Grab "Sweet Honey" for the price of an email address via Deadly People - there were some CD copies on sale during the recent tour and hopefully they'll be a few hanging around for online sale soon...