Ellie Rumbold #2 - These Ghosts


When I posted up my Introducing post on Sophie Jamieson a couple of weeks back I promised I'd revisit the Folkroom Anthology (the compilation both tracks featured are from) and here I am somewhat belatedly making good on that, Ellie Rumbold is someone I've featured here before in February, when I talked at length about her beguiling soundcloud demos (still there for you to listen)...

The track the young singer/songwriter has given to the Folkroom collection "These Ghosts" is possibly her first 'properly' produced track and the crisp, professional sheen makes her intricate finger-plucking acoustic sound delicious, with the occasional piano twinkling only adding to the carefully assured melody.

Ellie has one of those unfailingly lovely voices and here her soft, fragile phrasings hit all the right heartstrings, her strong guitar playing and graceful vocals are genuienly gorgeous, a simply beautiful track. You can download it (and the anthology) from Folkroom for FREE via bandcamp.