Embers #3 - Hollow Cage

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Manchester's Embers returned yesterday to remind everyone just why they sent so many blogs into hyperbole overdrive after the release of their initial demo tracks a year or so ago, new track "Hollow Cage" is without doubt their best yet and will blow anything else you've heard this week out of the water, recorded live in a dimly lit Manchester Monastery (full marks to the director for final video quality) "Hollow Cage" is groundbreaking, a seven minute journey beyond comprehension that is truly, truly stunning.

Joined by an orchestra and backing choir who add sweeping strings and ethereal harmonies to the bands cinematic soundscapes the track creeps along majestically from quiet, ambient beginnings to reach a conclusion as grandiose on scale as anything you'll hear, murky keys and shimmering guitars become more and more saturated until they explode upon a cataclysm of shattering emotions, turning the beauty conveyed before into a deafening cacophony as instruments and voices merge under the crashing of colossal drums and skyscraper sized guitars.

I'll say it again, truly, truly stunning. Come down south soon please lads.