Gum - New Music "Introducing"


Time for more shoegaze now with Gum, a London based quartet (and a band I've had saved in my draft folder since June) who like to bathe in swathes of feedback drenched guitars with unforgiving drums and dreamy, melodic vocals which recall all those obvious contemporaries that I won't bother to mention, they released their debut EP Seventeen via North East label Tiny Lights earlier this month and if you've not switched off yet, it's highly likely you're going to lap up its five tracks of fuzzy, distorted bliss.

"Fast" signals the intent from about 0.002 seconds, waves of reverb-soaked dissonance blend pure chaotic noise with sweet backing harmonies, something which is perhaps done with more success on the poppier, upbeat "Anna Sang & Alison", an instant highlight with sweet/hazy vocal whispers and chiming guitar riffs creating gorgeous, swirling aural soundscapes. "Silver" is arguably the pick of the EP, propelled by urgent drums and glacial guitars it's an ear friendly pop nugget with lovely, melodic brightness throughout.

Seventeen is an EP that's made to be played loud, you can purchase it on download/limited CD here.