HUNK! #2 - Dupe


HUNK! impressed me back in May when I posted an introducing feature on two soundcloud demos that gave an insight to a fast-paced, reverb-soaked garage pop trio from Dublin, they clearly impressed our friends at Soft Power too, as Scotland's finest little indie label has recently announced the bands first release, a super limited cassette single. Released on December 17th - just right for Santa to deliver in time to play to your Grandma on Christmas Day - it contains two new tracks that fulfil the initial promise and will blow away any frostbite you may be suffering from as the cold weather fully kicks in...

The title-track "Dupe" blasts straight out of the gates, exploding drums and super-charged punky guitar riffs make for infectious energy and shambolic rhythms amongst noise-pop vocals. "Hold Out" is even better, it starts restrained with a magnetic psychedelic build-up before switching for a spiky, exhilarating head-rush amongst luscious vocals and dreamy doo-wop backing harmonies. Ace.

Pre-order the tape for a paltry £1.99 via Soft Power now.