Jade Hopcroft - New Music "Introducing"


Hi Sunday, nice to have you here, after blowing away a few cobwebs (and the odd ale) with a brisk ten mile run earlier I've spent most of the late afternoon relaxing with a handful of artists perfect for the chillier months, with a voice that brings instant warmth and haunting song-writing ability this introducing post lets you into one of the treats I've been spoiling myself with today before I head off to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol for the first of many times before the end of the year...

Jade Hopcroft is the latest name to join local live event promoter / label Laissez Faire Club and with her debut single "Saint" (released digitally tomorrow) Jade fulfills the promise shes showed on numerous youtube videos over 2012, with predominetly sublte acousitc backing it's left to Jade's richly toned vocal to steal the show, oozing commanding presence and power, it's little wonder she's being hand-picked to support a who's who list of artists in recent times.

Flip side "Habit" is possibly even stronger (that maybe because I'm easily hooked towards intimate, folk leaning beauties), a delicate, finger-plucking guitar waltz guides the compelling track, softer than the title track but utterly gorgeous. Jade recently joined the increasing stellar line-up of acts to record a Daytrotter session, follow the link to hear/download that... You can download the single via the buy button below.