Mad'zelle - New Music "Introducing"

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Mad'zelle is a singer-songwriter from Barcelona who's recently moved to London (via Paris) and is better known to her friends and family as Martina Borrut. The debut recordings on her bandcamp is a three track EP simply entitled London, the first track "The Time" introduces you to a winsome talent possessed with a soft, bewitching voice that will instantly ease your burden amongst delicate guitar patterns, her simple melodies and breathtaking voice will sooth and beguile in equal measure.

"Words" transports you to summers day lazing idly in a field with a warming, homely atmosphere while "Hug Me Baby" is perhaps my favourite of the three, with a fragile vocal that flutters so gently in parts you feel it could break and acoustic circles creating a plaintive, intimate mood, it's truly gorgeous stuff. You can buy the EP from Mad'zelle's via bandcamp now.