Metric #3 - Breathing Underwater

I've previously talked about my failures to see Metric live, so for those of you losing sleep about it, I'm glad to let you know that I know have seen the band perform at a storming Shepherd's Bush back in July. Since however, I've not really listened to the bands latest album Synthetica, the announcement of its latest single (and one of my most despised things in music today, a 'deluxe edition' of the album) "Breathing Underwater" has led to me discovering its gems...

"Breathing Underwater" finds the band at their powerful, euphoric best driven by glammy and pompish grit and heavenly vocal sighs, it's backed by an acoustic version of the song which breathes an all new side to the track, gone are the bright synth overtures and instead we're left with slowly plucked acoustic and strong piano keys, the focus completely switches to Emilys vocals', which as you can imagine are near on perfection.

The acoustic track finds itself on the deluxe version of the album which I think contains five similarly stripped-back tracks from the album along with "Gimmie Sympathy" from Fantasies and a Tom Waits cover, something to definitely check out but does it add enough value to those like me who got the CD when it came out? I doubt it. Please stop this "deluxe" farce, ripping off existing customers is not the way to solve the problems music is suffering as a consumer product in 2012. Rant over, enjoy the track, that's what I'm here for.