Ottilia - New Music "Introducing"

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Here's an introduction lifted directly from Robin at Breaking More Waves who posted about the gorgeous silky vocals and melancholic heartbeat of Ottilia back in September (sorry it's taken me so long to follow), he's completely on the money with his description of the singer-songwriter originally from Uppsala is Sweden but now relocated to the UK too (which is very good news indeed for my chances of catching Ottilia live - gigs appear to have been plentiful over the past few months and hopefully will kick start again in early 2013 when I'll be upping my game again).

"Heartless" introduces a woozy, smooth vocal that backed by a haunted wall of off-beat rhythms and beats is powerful and enchanting, undoubtedly a sound with much in common with the recent Lykke Li album Wounded Rhymes sees Ottilia tugging at your heartstrings with her intimate laments. "I Don't Let Myself Fall In Love" could be even better, a desperately personal ballad where a lone acoustic provides the sole accompaniment to Ottilia's beautiful voice with her repeated refrain of the tracks title and "love has no sympathy, that’s why it will be the death of me" sending chills down your spine.

You can order a limited signed CD of Heartless / I Don't Let Myself Fall In Love now from bandcamp or download for free via Facebook - don't miss out. There's more tracks to stream on Ottilia's soundcloud too with the tender acoustic ballad "Hymn For The Needy" and the fuller, haunting sounds of "The Sonic" definitely worth your attention.