Pins #5 - Acoustic

I'm off to see PINS for the third and fourth times in less than a month tonight and tomorrow, they'll join a very small number of bands who I've shown such devotion and seen so many times in quick succession, in fact I can only think of Apartment, Editors, Prince and The Joy Formidable before them. For me at least, it's a rapid rise of popularity for the Manchester quartet, who will hopefully follow up the promise of the earlier electric live shows which have fully hooked me in, 2013 promises to put the band even more in the spotlight with hopefully a debut full-length to follow amongst more and more live dates.

Rather than discuss my diary plans, this blog is to share two acoustic (well semi-acoustic) tracks by the girls, the first time I've seen them strip back some of the distorted energy that bears so much weight to their tracks, "Shoot You" is a track most of you will be familiar with, here the switch to half acoustic guitars and lack of throbbing bass lines removes some of the rawness and instread puts the emphasis on the dominating lead vocals which here, backed by gorgeous ethereal harmonies, past paced beats and chiming chords stand out just strong. New track "To You" maintains the dark, controlled aggression which Pins have established as their own with Faith Holgate's primal vocals unnerving around a galloping attack of relentless drums and percussion.

Sparing instrumentation can be just as intense and atmospheric in the hands of Pins it seems. See my twitter for more gushing praise tonight no doubt!