Prince - Rock and Roll Love Affair

Even though this is a predominately new music blog I don't spend (quite) all my time listening to new music (although it may feel like it sometimes!), my favourite ever artists are long established ones, top of the pile (and a few of you may know this) is Prince and even though in the past five or so years I've a love/hate affair with him his new single "Rock and Roll Love Affair" might just start a new one of that.

I'll not ramble too much about Prince, I doubt many of you are too interested and I could go on for a very long time. If you take every one of his releases since the exceptional Rainbow Children album back in 2002 I probably like a dozen or so songs, that number has definitely increased by one with "Rock and Roll Love Affair", I think it has a very 'revolution' era sound with smooth guitars, keys and a cool as f- vocal lines. Looking half his 54 years in the accompanying live performance video, Prince has pulled out his best song for years...

The single is out now via Purple Music on CD / Vinyl and Picture Disc Vinyl. Watch the video below: