The Pressure Cell - New Music "Introducing"

What's this, Just Music That I Like writing a band with shimmering ambient guitars and beautiful female vocals, the shock! Though I can't take too much discovery credit here, The Pressure Cell landed in my mailbox the other week and sat there for a little while (as most things tend to) before I listened to them late one night (again perfectly normal). It was instant love when I clicked on play with their opening track (which isn't all that normal with a bloggers mailbox), the title track from the London quartet's second EP, "Fragile Things" immediately breaking my heart...

With haunting slow textures creating a dark, brooding mood and Nicola Jackson's silky smooth vocals effortlessly alluring and heartbreaking in equal measure "Fragile Things" is intoxicating and intimate, taking the listening on a beautiful, wistful journey.

Though the title track maybe the EP highlight "Obsessions" is a worthy listen and follows in a similar vein, creeping guitars and purposeful down-tempo beats wrapped around Nicola's luscious whispers before gradually raising in tempo and closing with a soaring emotive finale while "Horizons" shimmering, eerie chorus is memorable and balances well against the rest of the tracks. The band are due to follow up with an album next year, I'll be interested to hear how it develops.