The Sinclair Sinclair - New Music "Introducing"

My relationship with Tallinn and Estonia is arguably much like many others, a European city which is on my list of places I'd like to visit, it looks bloody lovely. I can't recall ever listening to an Estonian band, not if you don't count Eurovision anyway (2008's "song" Kreisiraadio sticks particularly to mind - the link is worth a minute of your time I promise), that changed with an email yesterday from duo The Sinclair Sinclair about their gorgeous debut single "Feel"...

A track of adjective-defying beauty where an intoxicating blend of emotive soundscapes cascade around effortlessly sultry whispers, subtle electronics wrap "Feel" in a rich, melancholic atmosphere penetrated by drum machine punctures while ethereal coos enchant, gorgeous and hypnotic, you'll be wanting to press repeat on this one I promise. Even better news is that you can download "Feel" for free from the bands bandcamp page now, I really like the simplicity of the video too, 4AD take note.

Another track on their soundcloud "Wild Man" offers more dreamlike promise, crashing waves and pulsating bass introduce hauntingly soft vocals before crystalline synths drift you off to a better place.

Both these tracks appear to have been around for a while now so hopefully they'll be more to come from The Sinclair Sinclair soon.