Veronica Falls #9 - Teenage

Just last week I was discussing albums that must be due soon with a friend, one of those we mentioned was Veronica Falls and today, as if by magic, we go and get some exciting news... a stream of "Teenage", the first official track to be lifted from the quartet's forthcoming album Waiting For Something To Happen (due via Bella Union in the uk February 4th).

Part of the bands magic is that they have perfected an effortless sound that makes every one of their tracks sound like something you're already familiar with, on my first listen to the track I'm put straight at ease and fall instantly in love with its glistening guitars and pure vocal harmonies, Veronica Falls know their way with melody and "Teenage" passes that test with sumptuous ease, a cute and unadulterated pop tune that's as bright and catchy as anything we've heard from them before, it's nice to be singing along to the wistful remembrance of youth, rather than suicide hot-spots too!

I've already listened to this about ten times, wrap yourselves up in the infectious "Teenage" below.