WALL - New Music "Introducing"


WALL is the debut signing to the label set up by the wonderful Black Cab Sessions, her (Lyla Foy's) first release is the delicious "Magazine" (which came out a few months ago but I'm a little slow to the game), a delicate, simplistic little beauty (this live version perhaps highlighting her calming vocals even more) that's not much more than soft bass and ambient synth, it doesn't need to be as through Lyla's intimate vocals it immediately appeals, drenching you in a mood that's all hazy and gorgeous, unless you're made of stone, "Magazine" will leave you weak at the knees.

It's flip side "Over My Head" is even more beautiful, with stripped back frosty soundscapes creating a gentle backdrop for Lyla's ethereal whispers to take centre stage, it sounds better than anything Bat for Lashes tried on their latest record, gradually Wall allow the tracks electronic heartbeat to take over as the track climaxes in tribal drums and harsh synths.

A more recently released cover provided the catalyst to this post though, a version of Karen Dalton's "Something On Your Mind" which Wall instantly make their own with sparse, haunting wonder, it's a real muted beauty and an almost perfect cover.

You can order the Magazine 7" from BCS here and download "Something on Your Mind" below.