Wild Balbina - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / wildbalbina.bandcamp.com

Wild Balbina hail from the Spanish city of Vigo, not somewhere I know too much about in all honesty so I'll save you a geography trip and focus on the music, a trio, though recently expanded to a quartet by the looks of their facebook, they recently released their debut EP entitled simply Single, it offers four short, sharp bursts of ramshackle garage pop (you know the sort, add a dash of 60's girl group syrup upon layers of distortion), which instantly meets with my approval...

Things start rather haphazard on the wild and playful "Eat Tacos" while "Spit Your Love" is a glorious mix of all things fuzzy, where extended guitar hooks and bitter-sweet vocals combine with the catchy, repetitive refrain of "all my love is gone tonight" (though I'm a little scared after watching its accompanying video) and "So Kind" is a wonderful jangle pop tune, all rip-roaring guitar distortion and galloping beats. The bands approach to lyrics is straightforward and nonchalant throughout, what is more important are the infectious, danceable melodies and reverb-heavy harmonies.

I won't be shocking to many of you when I say "Surfing" adds a laid-back, surf-pop groove on top of the guitar scuzz, it makes for a sweet closure on a fine introductory EP. Single is available to buy via Elefant Records on vinyl + download now.