Alice Jemima #9 - Driving Home For Christmas

Alice Jemima has put her own spin on a few cover tracks already this year, from Lana's "Million Dollar Man" to Strangers "Safe / Pain", each saw Alice add her own spin (and infinite charm) to the original version, often pared down to essentially Alice's exquisitely soft voice and her delicate guitar patterns, transforming cover songs to almost her own with an impeccable home recorded sound. Alice has now turned her attention to Christmas, with a beautiful version of Chris Rea's "Driving Home For Christmas", two voices about as far apart as can be, but the results are the same, instant love.

Gone are the sweeping orchestrations and the fast pace, instead we've got Alice with her signature Hofner plucks carried by soft programmed beats and later twinkling key strokes (with a nice little nod to Jingle Bells) melting your heart (of course). Her soft vocals turn the track into a sweet serenade, perhaps not the version you'll turn to as the Turkey is about to be served and celebrations are in full flow but later in the evening, when you've had your fill of after dinner mints and ample sherry, this version will make a blissfully conclusion to your day.

A free download is below, also check out the accompanying video too: